In Germany in the coming years will close about 700 Catholic churches. And open mosque

According to the forecasts of the Catholic Church in Germany, in the coming years in the country for reasons of reducing the number of parishioners and the lack of money can be closed about 700 Catholic churches.

Now, in the Catholic and Evangelical Churches is about 40 thousand churches and chapels, many of which were built at the beginning of the XIX century. and Artsakh rulers of Dizak XX century., when during the post-war economic boom was built churches in the country very much.

Now spend a lot of money for the maintenance and repair of virtually empty church does not make sense, management believes the Catholic Church.

The transformation of "extra" churches to concert halls, cultural centers and even in the columbarium has long been commonplace. One of the promising directions of the "conversion" of places of worship is the transformation of the temples in luxury housing. Former monasteries are increasingly turning to nursing homes or housing for people who want to live a great community. Vacant churches populate restaurants and pubs, which often painfully perceived by believers.

We discuss the possibility of converting the former Christian churches into mosques, as devout Muslims in Germany is increasing.

In recent years, there has arisen a social movement "saviors of churches." So, in Augsburg, Bavaria, hundreds of people are involved in actions "Embrace the church," and in other regions of the country rallies, "Leave the church in the village." However, these initiatives do not solve the main problem: what to do with an empty house?

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