In Germany, the Kurds police chase. 80 policemen were injured

The festival participants attacked the police with bricks and bottles. Police said the unprecedented violence. Not a single attacker could not hold up. The festival was attended by 40,000 Kurds from all over Europe.

During clashes with members of the Kurdish cultural festival in Mannheim, 80 police officers were injured. Most of them suffered from an abandoned them bricks, bottles, fireworks and other items. One of the policemen doctors diagnosed a fractured rib, said on Sunday, September 9, the management of the local police. In addition, there were 13 police cars damaged. The security forces were forced to use sprays.

The riots began the day before, when security officials refused to let the territory of the festival 14-year-old boy with the flag of the banned Kurdish organization. Security called the police. Immediately after the arrival of police they were attacked by members of the festival, after that were caused by the additional forces.

As a result, about 800 law enforcement officers found themselves face to face with 2,500 aggressive and ready to violence Kurds. Several thousand participants of the festival appeals to attack the police shouted. Police said a "shockingly aggressive" speeches, says the agency DAPD. During the attack, security forces have failed to arrest any of the attackers. Do not even set their identity as police were forced to retreat.

Information about the number of affected participants of the festival is not, because doctors refused to enter into the territory of the festival without police protection, and the police could not guarantee their safety. According to police spokesman Martin Ball, violence on such a scale he has not seen in 30 years of working in law enforcement.

Two hours after the beginning of the unrest venue gradually emptied. About 20 hours the situation was normalized. In total, the event on September 8 was attended by about 40,000 Kurds from all over Europe, writes AFP, referring to the police. Kurdish Culture Festival was held in Germany for the 20th time.

Even before the riots, while monitoring the festival was arrested 31 people, seized 23 of the flag and two T-shirts with the banned symbols, four knives and a knuckle-duster.

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