In Gudermes opened a new training college

  • Photo of Adam Mezhieva
  • Photo of Adam Mezhieva

Today, in Gudermes inaugurated Teachers College named Sirajdi Dzhunaidova.

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At the opening was attended by Head of the Chechen RepublicRamzan Kadyrov,
Head of Administration of the Head of the Government of the Czech Republic and Mohammed Daud First Deputy Prime Minister of the Czech Republic Isa Tumhadzhiev and. about. Head of the municipal district Gudermes Hassan Ahmad, Chairman of the Government of the Czech Republic on early childhood education Aslambek Junaid and other officials.

Speaking to students, Kadyrov stressed the importance of their future profession in the education of the younger generation.

-Our country has experienced a great tragedy that affected not only education. During the events of the war there were attempts to substitution of the spiritual values of the people. But Chechen society defended its heritage. Today the republic is counting on you, your help. I hope that you will bring the benefit of their homeland, will lead the right way of their younger brothers and sisters, our sons and daughters, — the Head of the Chechen Republic.

Hassan Ahmad thanked the Head of the Czech Republic for their help in the construction of the college and noted the importance of this event.

— The first Chechen President Akhmad Kadyrov, who paid great attention to early restoration of educational institutions. Through his titanic work resumed their work schools and universities, despite the fact that the country was in ruins. Due to Ramzan Ahmatovich every year open new schools and other educational institutions, that will definitely change the future of our country in a positive way — he said.

After the ribbon-cutting, guests took a tour of the college.

Sirajdi Junaid was a teacher in high school Nozhayurtovskogo area, it was a widely respected man who loved children and their work.

Note that Gudermesski Teachers College named S.Dzhunaidova founded in 1964 as a normal school Gudermes, one of the largest schools of the Russian Federation, which trains specialists not only for Chechnya, but also in other republics and regions of the USSR. During the well-known events of the war in Chechnya pedagogical school buildings were completely destroyed, material and technical base was completely destroyed. Since 1995, Gudermes Normal School continued the learning process in a dilapidated building of the kindergarten. By teachers and technicians were prepared classrooms for the learning process, renovated existing furniture, tidied the grounds of the school. Today, the school provided a comprehensive and professional literature, there is a computer room, a study of chemistry, biology, physics, and a library. For outstanding achievements and collective contributions to the development of education, education, spiritual and moral education of school is listed in the National Register of Russian "One hundred secondary specialized educational institutions of Russia." In 2008, the school was transformed into Gudermesski Teachers College. The college employs 40 teachers, has about 10,000 students on full-time and part-time offices. Currently Gudermesski Teachers College is an educational center for youth to cities and districts of the Chechen Republic to receive a quality education without leaving the confines of his native land.

Adam Mezhiev

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