In his New Year Santa Claus tour guided by the GLONASS system


Magical Adventures of the Russian Santa Claus, who goes out of his home Grand Ustiuga by Russia, will be monitored from space. The exact coordinates of the movement fairytale characters around the country in real time will give the GLONASS system.

Project of "Russian Navigation Technologies", Russian developer and manufacturer of GPS / GLONASS monitoring and traffic management AutoTracker, was put into practice. According to the commercial director of the company Ivan Nechayev, signal from the Earth system will receive from a staff of Santa Claus, in which is mounted a mini-transmitter, which tells the coordinates of a wizard in the control center. The Internet opened a special website where everyone can get familiar with the route pre-Christmas travel Grandpa: «From 18 November until New Year’s Eve time is short, and work with a lot of Santa Claus — said Nechayev. — I am sure that GLONASS technology will help the winter magician and his assistants to build the best logistics. "

Santa Claus has become accustomed to modern technology (the current staff connected to the GLONASS — the second), and mastered many "gadgets". He is active with the astronauts, last year visited Korolev and get in touch with the International Space Station. Before the New Year started Support Center of Santa Claus — young communicators track his movements and learn to work with GLONASS equipment. In addition, the navigation equipment in the Great Ustjug a system of monitoring transport estates of Santa Claus — now no deer will not get lost. With a staff of innovation is always possible to find out where is Santa Claus, and what happens to it. But technology does not stand still, so every year a staff update. All GLONASS equipment inside a staff touch of a button. During the trip, which will take place across Russia, the reliability is very important — so attention paid to reserve schemes of work and energy savings.

Santa Claus in the summer time is not lost in vain, and has already managed to create in all the popular social networks, and also upgraded the site. Now you can not only monitor the movement of the favorite children, but also to participate in entertaining contests: "The Book of Good Deeds", a creative drawing competition "Santa Claus and space," photography for signs of the coming new year 2012.

On the official website of the New Year’s tour appeared encyclopedia Wizards of Winter, the latest stories from Grandpa and more. Each visitor to the site can find out all the latest news regarding the New Year’s travel, and, of course, the impression of Santa Claus. Fabulous journey has already begun!

Mikhail Nikiforov

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