In IFMO lab opens metamaterials

In St. Petersburg State University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics (IFMO) recently held the official opening of the laboratory "Metamaterials". The press service of the university.

Yuri Kivshar, Australian physicist of Ukrainian origin, the pioneer of the study of nonlinear metamaterials, came to IFMO create a new laboratory for the grant of the Government of the Russian Federation. Photo Press Service IFMO

"We want to create the elements of the size of a micron to replace the electronic chip and devices currently in use. It is an optical chip that will deliver increased functionality ", — Said Yuri Kivshar, the winner grants to the Government of the Russian Federation for state support of research by leading scientists at the opening of the laboratory, which he heads.

As the co-director of the project Dr. Pavel Belov, now used in the laboratory microwave equipment, bought with funds "ITMO Development Programme for 2009-2018.". Within a few months, he and his colleagues plan to conduct experiments on a single three-dimensional nanolithography in Russia, which will be installed in the experimental laboratory of the department of "metamaterials". So far, most of the scientific work carried out in the theoretical department using purchased software for simulation of electromagnetic processes, which consists of a package CST Microwave Studio, Ansoft HFSS, COMSOL Multiphysics and SONET. According to Pavel Belov, "a set of software products can afford not all universities in Europe and the U.S.."

To date, the laboratory fully completed the formation of personnel — is 4 professors, 16 research assistants and 15 students. Moreover, recruitment was conducted in accordance with generally accepted overseas, but so far unique to the Russian practice — on a competitive basis. Among the results of the laboratory — to provide scholarships 7 SPIE, 5 grants of the "Dynasty", the publication of seven articles in top-rated journals, organized in June 2011 in St. Petersburg "Days on Diffraction" and holding next year in conjunction with the ETU International Congress on metamaterials.

Responding to questions from journalists about the future of the laboratory, the rector ITMO Vladimir Vasilyev told about the possible extension of funding for 2 years in the case of successful work unit. Also, there are prospects of cooperation with the Fund "Skolkovo", one of the 15 research laboratories that could be devoted to just metamaterials. The plans of the University and commercialization produced in this area of research results — one of 24 small innovative enterprises IFMO in practice introduces technology using metamaterials.

At the end of the opening ceremony of a memorandum of cooperation between the ITMO and the Australian National University.

More information about the scientific program of the laboratory "Metamaterials" read in an interview with Pavel Belov for

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