In Inta (Komi Rep.) started processing plant meat products

December 14. In the "Agrocomplex" Inta Circumpolar "opened a new department for processing of meat products.

The cost of the project — 102,700,000 rubles. Number of new jobs: 40. The implementation of projects worth more than 100 million rubles is not often. Therefore, commissioning oleneuboynogo complex — a significant event not only for the company itself, not only for Inta, but for the whole of Komi.

Agricultural Complex "Inta Circumpolar" proved to be a strong and competitive company capable to embody large-scale projects.

*** At this stage, completed the first and most of the investment project. In 2012, the planned re-equipment of one of the rooms "Agrocomplex" Inta Circumpolar "under the venison processing plant for the production of semi-finished venison products, sausages and smoked meats.

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