In Irkutsk began equipping the municipal public transport Wi-Fi technology

November 9, 2011 in Irkutsk, launched an innovative project for the introduction of wireless Internet Wi-Fi in public transport.

The four units of public transport — two trolley buses and trams of the two — the equipment is installed, which provides free access to the Internet. The authors of the pilot project are the City of Irkutsk, MUP "Irkutskgorelektrotrans" and the company "MegaFon".

Free Wi-Fi zone is open to passengers trolleybus routes N1 and N4, trams N1 and N3. Patency in these areas is about 2,500 people a day. As the Deputy Director General of MUP "Irkutskgorelektrotrans" Alexander GRUCA, the choice of these particular trolley bus routes due to the fact that they enjoy a large number of students. Take advantage of the achievements of high technology to access the Internet will be free of charge. With appropriate settings of Internet access to the Internet will automatically appear on the screen, you can also configure your network manually by requesting a search for wireless networks. The sides of trams and trolley buses, equipped with the points Wi-Fi, markerovany green and the relevant information about the availability of the free zone.
"Modern man today must constantly be in the flow of information — in the office, at home or on the road, you do not want to waste time, — said Alexander Sgrebny, director of the Irkutsk regional branch of the Far East Branch of OJSC" MegaFon ". — With Wi-Fi, we can provide continuous access to the Internet, to make these services more accessible to the public. This is especially true for long routes, which can be extended due to traffic congestion and weather conditions. "

In the near future, Irkutsk will be one of the first cities in Russia, to test innovative features Internet access in public transport. The plans of the City Hall and the company "MegaFon" equip Wi-Fi hotspots all city trams and trolleybuses.

"I am sure the first experience of the implementation of new technologies will help you and will make public transport more comfortable, — said Alexander GRUCA. — I think in a year Wi-Fi in trams and trolley buses will be familiar to all of us to service. "

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