In Irkutsk, have created a cheap solar panels for water heating

Economical solar collector developed staff Innovation center "Energy efficiency" Irkutsk Technical University.

As reported by one of the developers, graduate student of engineering services and life support systems Alexander Tunick, Solar collector — a device that converts solar energy into heat.

"In our case, it can be used to heat water for heating or hot water. The most important thing in this case — does not need to waste fuel, and solar energy is inexhaustible ", — A. Tunick said.

Cost collector IrGTU, through the use of local materials, is 2.5 times lower than existing international peers and is 12 thousand rubles.


He spoke about the details of the device reservoir, "The body is made of plywood, covered with anti-corrosion compound. The surface of the reservoir is translucent insulation glass, under which is a receptive panel that in the future we plan to cover the selective deposition for better perception of the sun’s rays. The housing accommodates the copper pipe which flows coolant (water or antifreeze). The principle of operation is based on the convective and radiative heat exchange. "


The project manager, director of educational innovation center "Energy efficiency", the head of engineering services and life support systems Mikhail Tolstoy notes that IrGTU feature of the device is a special form of inner tubes, which allows the coolant to be longer in the heating zone and therefore it is better to warm up.

"Our collector is characterized by its location of coolant flow, because it allows you to take more power at the expense of a certain configuration of the location of pipelines inside it. They are made in the form of coil. Another novelty was the insulation — cellular plastic, developed at the Technical University of construction waste ", — Says Mikhail Tolstoy.


"Today, the whole world lives in such developments, and soon they will become an attribute of any home. For example, visiting Germany, I noted the presence of the collector in each energy-efficient home — Emphasizes Tolstoi. — If you set them on a university building and dormitory, in the summer you can cancel the service provider of hot water, saving millions of rubles. With good intensity within an hour water will be heated over 100 degrees. One unit can heat up about 240 liters. "

In the near future in the Innovation Center "Energy efficiency" Irkutsk Technical University to begin work on creating a solar collector to generate electricity. According to the developers, the project will be needed in regions with high electricity rates.

Irina Afanasyev

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