In Ivanov built a new kindergarten

Today solemn transfer of the new pre-school "Firebird" in the neighborhood of Moscow to balance the regional center. This kindergarten is designed for 160 seats.

In preschool educational institution will be 8 groups: 4 groups of children up to 3 years, 2 groups — at the age of 3 years, 2 senior group. For all-round development of children in the institution offer modern music and sports halls, every studio, game room.

Its construction began in 2011. The building was built using the latest construction techniques and materials. The basis was taken a sample project kindergartens in Moscow.

The construction of the building area of 3.5 million sq ft and the purchase of necessary equipment, furniture and equipment were sent to about 120 million rubles. The design of this kindergarten provides bright, cozy bedrooms and game room, hall for dance and sports, and a separate room for an art studio, as well as all the necessary rules for the administrative and technical facilities. In the kindergarten playground.

GC "SU-155" is a comprehensive development of the area in the district of "Moscow" — about a hundred and eighty thousand square meters. meters of housing. The project also provides for the construction and two clinics.

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