In Izborsk medieval history buffs gathered at the festival Isaborg

June 1, the sixth Izborsk held early medieval festival of Russian culture "Isaborg." The historic festival was attended by more than 130 re-enactors from the cities of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, which are detailed recreate life, clothing, military art and culture of the late 9th — early 11th centuries.

On the mound was broken Truvorovo field camp, modeled after the ancient field sites. It also opened more than 10 workshops of old crafts: pottery, bone carving, woodworking, grinding, weaving, etc. The thematic workshops enactors introduced guests of the festival with the methods of bone carving and woodwork, knitting needles and weaving, stamping, making pottery and more more.

For the first time members of the festival on one of the sites tried to make a boat-dolbenku, which at the end of the holiday was launched Gorodishchenskoye lake.

In addition, guests of the festival not only witnessed bouts of stage combat and reconstruction of battles with swords and bows, but also they were able to feel in the role of a medieval person — archery, try to light a fire with minimal means, play medieval streets and board games.

Also as part of the historic festival "Isaborg" worked a medieval fair, where you can buy goods made by re-enactors — jewelry, pottery, clothing and war materials, styled the early Middle Ages.

The festival was organized by the State Committee for Culture of the Pskov region, Pskov Oblast State Committee for Youth Policy, the State Historical — Architectural and Nature — Landscape Museum-Reserve "Isborsk", "Tula youth club of historical reconstruction and fencing" and Pskov club of historical reconstruction "Manor . "

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