In JSC Apatite (Murmansk region). Started working Uralmash excavator EKG-5A

In JSC "Apatite" (Murmansk region). Commissioned career tracked excavator EKG-5A. From its predecessors, but only for the history Uralmashplant released 12747 EKG 5, it features a new type of drive — DC motor with a transistor inverter (TRP-D).

  • EKG-5A, East Beysky cut, Khakassia: photo
  • EKG-5A, East Beysky cut, Khakassia: photo

This will reduce the cost of electricity, the cost of maintenance and repair, and, in washed-up analysis, the cost of mining. For example, the energy consumption of the new machine be reduced by 2 times. By improving the quality of transient processes, reduce downtime, easier and faster start-up in job performance cars will increase by 10%.

The new car will be much cheaper to operate. There is no need for time-consuming work on the alignment, maintenance and repair of the unit. This savings in labor and replacement parts. In addition, replace the defective items transistor converters are much easier, it does not have to involve special equipment, like the replacement of the generator.

The new machine is fully digital control system — from the transformation of the energy that comes aboard the excavator to the control system. Thus, the electronics can significantly simplify the adjustment of the excavator. Now for this serviceman only need to enter the parameters for a special console.

Another notable feature of the new car — it has become more ergonomic. Excavator fitted with a new cabin complete with large panoramic windows, air conditioning provides a comfortable environment. Due to the fact that excluded the unit, which was the source of vibration, noise and heat, the impact of adverse factors are minimized.

The new machine has already started work on the Kirov mine company.

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