In JSC ISS completed the manufacture of spacecraft Messenger-M and peace

In JSC "Information Satellite Systems" Academician MF Reshetnev "completed production of two spacecraft (SC)" Messenger-M "and small spacecraft" peace. "

Satellite system "Messenger" is created in low orbits to provide personal communication services in remote regions of the country. To cover the whole territory of a continuous signal of the Earth, it is necessary to establish a system of twelve spacecraft "Messenger", which in addition to performing the functions of connected provide location control of mobile vehicles, environmental, industrial and scientific monitoring.

Two spacecraft "Messenger-M", which will become part of a connected group in low orbits, May 28 sent from the JSC "ISS" at the Plesetsk Cosmodrome.

Together with the spacecraft "Messenger-M" and sent small spacecraft "world", the work of specialists ISS, students and teachers of the Siberian State Aerospace University and Krasnoyarsk scientists. On the spacecraft for flight qualification placed about twenty brand new appliances. This equipment will be installed on future satellites.

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