In JSC Uralkriomash (Sverdlovsk region). Mastered the production of chemical tanks

In JSC "Uralkriomash" — the enterprise, part of the corporation Uralvagonzavod — successfully mastered the production of chemical tanks 15-157-02 model for the transport of sodium hydroxide.

This type of product referred to Uralkriomash with the parent company of the corporation. In the past, Uralvagonzavod produced about 200 units of this model. But as a huge load parent company today implies a focus on the production of different assortment of railway products, it was decided to move the production of tanks in the square model 15-157-02 Uralkriomash.

Cryogenic enterprise chemical tank has become a new type of product. Despite the novelty and deadlines, production and successfully launched products are made. According to experts the company, for the development of these chemical tanks did not become the most important task, since the development and manufacture of cryogenic equipment is more complex and higher class. And thanks to the high scientific and technical potential and flexible manufacturing process of "Uralkriomash" The mobile readjust to new products.

New tanks meet all the necessary conditions. Since the medium of sodium hydroxide is very aggressive, specific requirements for the quality of the welds and structural strength. Who completes the process of certification and licensing, and soon the first batch of tanks model 15-157-02 will be ready for shipment to the customer — JSC "Sayanskhimplast." In general, the contract involves the production of 100 units. Also today, the company is actively negotiating with potential customers. The development of chemical tanks model 15-157-02 Nizhny Tagil plant is particularly important in the face of what is now Russian companies new products of this type do not produce.

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