In June, the company industrial machinery set a record for the number of products delivered

The absolute record for the number of delivered products installed "PSM" in June this year: in just one month from the factory, "PSM" shipped 171 units of finished product: 139 diesel power plants, including 72 in the open-type, 30 and 37 in the hood in the container, 14 diesel pump sets and 18 actuators.

While on average this year, the number of units produced per month were 100-110 pieces, the first month of summer shows an increase of more than 50% percent. The reason for such a significant "breakthrough" — the ever-growing demand for "PSM" and several "large" orders received by the company in June. The record was made possible thanks to the coordinated and intensive work of all departments of the company and increase production. To meet the consumers, the production was transferred to the two-shift operation, but to increase the efficiency and productivity of the plant, primarily influenced by the "human factor" all employees "PSM" shared corporate values of the company, in which respect the interests of the customer comes first.
The company "industrial machinery" (PSM) operates in the market of diesel power plants and pumping systems for more than four years and during this period has been one of the market leaders.
The company is a highly specialized manufacturer of diesel power 10-1000 kW, and pump installations and special actuators for oil-field equipment, reclamation and construction equipment.

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