In Kabardino-Balkaria are building a new power plant

In autumn 2011, in Kabardino-Balkaria, the construction of new hydropower plants — Zaragizhskoy. The design capacity of HPP — 28.8 MW (3h9, 6 MW), the average annual output — 107 million kWh Vertical hydraulic units, with radial-axial turbines, design head 44 m

Currently readiness station exceeds 30%. Most work has focused on the structures of a diversion path, which is currently nearing completion.

Design feature Zaragizhskoy HPP is the complete absence of the dam — water is taken directly from the discharge canal Aushigerskaya power plant, and the pressure created exclusively diversion. Derivation Zaragizhskoy power plant consists of two parts — an open channel and a channel to concrete chute. The channel has a length of 1,700 meters, in 2012, it had conducted excavations in the amount of more than 1.5 million cubic meters.

In 2013, will mount a pressure line, do most of the work on the forebay, to launch the construction of the power house and 110 kV. 

The first design work on Zaragizhskoy he’s been held back in 2007. Then, the station was planned as a small hydropower plant with a capacity of 15 MW derivation presented of penstocks. However, in this type of station building is not started, and in 2010 its draft was sent back for revision institution "Hydroproject."

Specialists of the Institute proposed a number of solutions that radically changed the project — in particular, through the use of all water and replace culvert channel managed to almost double, to increase the capacity of 28.8 MW power plant. In comparison, roughly the power has Baksan hydroelectric power station.


Zaragizhskaya plant is lower degree of Lower Cherek stage. It is associated with each set of the three other stations, works as follows: the water is taken and cleared of sediment on the head node Kashhatau plant, located on the r.Cherek. passing on its derivational channel and tunnel, the water brushing up on Kashhatau hydro turbines, from which enters the derivation Aushigerskaya power plant, and after it — a derivation Zaragizhskoy HPP. Thus, all three stations are equal diversion unit is used in the purified water therein, thereby increasing their cost-effectiveness.

Offtake Aushigerskaya power plant will go directly to the diversion canal Zaragizhskoy plant whose length — 3.3 km. The channel consists of two parts — the channel length of 1.7 km, and the channel-reinforced concrete gutter length 2.6 km.

  • Drawing pressure-station unit Zaragizhskoy plant
  • Drawing pressure-station unit Zaragizhskoy plant

The channel ends of the pool capacity of 600 m3, which is an accumulation of water before feeding the turbines.

In the event of a sudden stop hydro pool has a bachelor discharge spillway. From the pool of three metal water pipes the water will flow into the power house, where after working for three hydroelectric generators, will be back in Cherek from a recovery channel length of 1.3 km.

Derevatsiya (gidrotehn.) — a set of structures (pipe, canal or tunnel), carrying a supply of water to the station assembly plant (summing derivation) or the diversion of water from it (abductor derivation).

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