In Kalachinsk (Omsk region). Factory was producing medical cotton linen

The first batch of wool, released here already are certified. Plant — is the only company in the country, which will produce similar products. Its capacity — 770 tons per year. Moreover, the raw material for the processing carried out in the north of the Omsk region.

In the near future there will be products not only in Russian pharmacies, but also, perhaps abroad. Interest in the products showing European countries and China.

"Production is not limited to cotton. Apart from medicine and industry, flax is used for disposable antiseptic bed linen — it can be used in medicine, and for the military and for the railroad — there will not develop bacteria. Moreover, the range will be expanded in the process ", — the head Kalachinsk district — Vadim Tsigankov.

Cotton plant became part of the whole Komples for growing and processing flax.

The main difficulty in the production of linen wool — bleached fiber. The most popular industrial bleach — chlorine — kill all the disinfectant properties of flax. Plant engineers joined their production capabilities with scientific development Ivanovsky Institute of Solution Chemistry. As a result, the solution was found. Bleaching of wool is a unique technology. One of the main components of a special peroxide bleaching composition.

Linen Wool is more hygroscopic, that is absorbent, and the cost will be much cheaper, because the usual cotton imported into our country from abroad. Flax is grown at the same across Russia.

"Currently, the production of cotton linen is the only one in the world in this technology. And, surprisingly, cotton linen better the properties of cotton wool. Now being developed for coating of biologically active, based on silver nano-composite ", — Said the chief engineer of the plant for the production of medical cotton — Alex Khoroshilov.

Bactericidal nano-coating will be applied not on the cotton wool. Of flax raw materials here will start releasing dressings — is the next stage of production. In the meantime, a task no less ambitious — to begin a history of producing cotton linen in Russia. Economists estimate that to provide at least seventy percent of the needs of our country in the wool, you need to build about forty of these plants. One is already there.

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