In Kaliningrad, on March 8 will be grown under Guards tulips

In Gardes district implemented a "beautiful" investment project — the production on the cultivation of tulips. At present, the greenhouses are prepared to sell the first batch of flowers — 2,500,000 25 varieties of tulips. Large deliveries will be made in Moscow and St. Petersburg. 

The company "Three Seven" began in the village of Kalinkou in May last year. It is equipped with modern technologies greenhouse area of 0.8 hectares. These areas, by 2013, plans to expand to 8 hectares. All work processes are automated, including heating, chemical feed and watering plants. Also has its own weather station and a modern water purification system.

According to the government press service, the Minister of Agriculture of Vladimir Zarudny noted that the project is a major greenhouse agriculture in the region is important strategically. 

"Agricultural company plans to participate in trading on the exchange of flowers in Holland. This means that the region is actually integrated into the global system of production and trade of flowers. Thus, the agricultural sector of the region to a new level of development ", — concluded Vladimir Zarudny.

It is expected that the March 8 colors of local production and will be available in Kaliningrad.

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