In Kaliningrad, the opening of automobile traffic in the second flyover bridge

December 23 at the opening of the Kaliningrad automobile traffic on the second flyover bridge.


Road category — main street of urban values with traffic regulations. Design speed — 80 km / h. The length of the bridge — 1883 meters, including the overpass — 880 m Number of lanes — 6. The width of the carriageway on the approaches — 13-15 meters customer (builder) — The municipal government enterprise "Capital Construction" urban district "The City of Kaliningrad" (PCR "UMS"). General contracting construction company — JSC "USK MOST", Moscow.


The ceremony was attended by the Governor of Kaliningrad Region Nikolai Cukanov, the regional minister for infrastructure development Rolbinov Alexander, head of the Kaliningrad Yarashuk Alexander, head of traffic police in the Kaliningrad region, Yuri Kazakov.

After passing on the new bridge at the wheel of heavy goods vehicles, Nicholas Cukanov shared his impressions:

"A good bridge. We kept our promise at the beginning of the year that this year we have it completed. In the following we shall lay another layer of leveling, and the bridge will be completely ready. "

The governor presented letters of builders, noting that designers and contractors have completed the work ahead of schedule, making a wonderful gift to the people of Kaliningrad.


"You have fulfilled the tasks. Kaliningradians decades waiting for this bridge " — Nicholas Cukanov appealed to the builders, applause thanking them for their good work.

The governor stressed that the second trestle bridge — this is the beginning of the future highway, which should be built in Kaliningrad, because the new overpass on 100% will not save the area from traffic congestion.


"We need to do isolation towards the square. Vasilevsky. Of course, along with the city in this work we borrowed and in 2013-2014 will try to pass this object, then it will be complete, and will be able to function at full capacity. This will take about another 1.5 — 2 billion rubles. Together with the city will seek these opportunities, " — Said the head of the region.


Nicholas Cukanov also expressed his gratitude to Kaliningrad:

"For the city, it is a serious, symbolic object. The fact that they made the decision dostaivat this bridge, attracted credit resources, says the city’s prudent policy of competent authorities. "

For the record:

The device topcoat at conventions on Moscow avenue and street. Dzerzhinsky will be done in 2012 by continuous flow method with a minimum of seams, as well as throughout the bridge, to comply with warranty terms. The same method was used in the construction of the Primorsky ring. It increases the service life of the coating. Next year, it will be necessary to hold a series of renovations adjacent roads.

In 2012, at the second flyover is planned installation of lighting and landscaping of the adjacent territory. The remaining work will cost about 1 billion rubles. The total cost of the project, according to preliminary data of about 6,7-7 billion.

Recall that the construction of the bridge over the river Pregel Old and New, in accordance with the master plan of the city began in 1985 through the federal budget. The work was done until 1992. But due to lack of funding the construction of the bridge was halted in 1993. The need to build a second overpass due to the development of the road network of the city. With the commissioning of the bridge reduced the level of traffic congestion in the central artery of the city.

Due to the fact that the route of the bridge is in close proximity to residential development, the project of building the bridge was the capacity for double-glazed windows with high performance for heat and sound insulation, as well as the installation of soundproofing screen on the overpass of the bridge (between the rivers of Old and New Pregolya ).

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