In Kalmykia, created forest nursery

In Kalmykia, there is another forest nursery. The fifth in a row.  The need for its construction arose from the fact that the country is chronically short of planting material. After all, before its cultivation had to use temporary forest nurseries, where irrigation was performed antiquated method — by hand. As a result of forestry "Ergeninsky" was forced to purchase seedlings in neighboring regions. Now it is used drip irrigation system.

The area of forest nursery, which is located near the village of Ketchenery, is 29 hectares. For its construction was sent to more than 4 million rubles from the federal budget. Using these tools, drilled a well, purchased the equipment for drip irrigation system, electric power line conducted. To complete the construction of the base of the forest nursery is necessary to build the storage pool of 1200 cubic meters. For these purposes, the Federal Forestry Agency promised to allocate about three million rubles this year.

Without waiting for the completion of the forest nursery, as an experiment here were planted elm seed crops. According to the preliminary data of the shoots of seedlings per unit area greater than 1.5 times the planned output.

For two months the seedlings reached a height of about 25 centimeters. Despite the fact that in May and June, the thermometer reached 30-degree mark, and there was virtually no rain, saved a drip irrigation system, experts say. By the way, for the use of the scheme of sowing seeds of change. The temperature of the water should be the ambient temperature. After all, even without due care quality planting material will be lost in the climatic conditions of the Russian south.

The base will receive a guaranteed nursery seedlings in the right range and in the required quantity. After all, it is now in the region chronically short supply. In forest nurseries, which are located mainly in the eastern part of the country, grow seedlings so-called peskoukrepitelnyh rocks. And in the center, in an elevated position within Ergeninskoy, basic forest nurseries available. So they had to acquire the required number of seedlings in the neighboring regions, where spring comes much earlier.

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