In Kaluga, more than three thousand lamps were replaced by new


Currently, there is a replacement of all fixtures in the city and suburbs, and not at the expense of budget funds, and investors’ money. As a result, the city will save up to 70 million rubles. New light fixtures that have energy-saving properties, establishes company "Cascade Energy." Fixtures new sample with sodium lamps are expected to be more reliable and easier to use. New lamps are designed to twenty thousand hours of operation. Also among the benefits of a large light output and saving one hundred percent efficiency for many years. And no energy is wasted: at night, when traffic on the streets almost no light is automatically muted. In the end, it is planned that the city will begin to consume less energy: saving should be more than 3 million kWh per year, and in monetary terms it is about 18 million rubles. year.

The city has already replaced more than three thousand lights. And this is only half of the work. Soon appear in a new light not only the center, but also the outskirts and suburbs of Kaluga.

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