In Kamchatka volcano intensified once three




In Kamchatka, recorded a strong surge in seismic activity. Reminded himself just three of the volcano.

The first activated Karimsky volcano. As experts of the Kamchatka Experimental-Methodical Seismological, according to the crew of the Yak-40, cruised the route which took place near the volcano, 9 January, they observed a violent eruption of ash to a height of seven thousand feet. According to the pilots, the plume stretches from the release of at least 25 km north-west from the volcano. Note that Karimsky volcano is one of the most active volcanoes of Kamchatka. In the stage of the eruption it is from 2001. However, in recent seismological station located in the area of the volcano, for unknown reasons, has failed. Therefore, to obtain information about the volcano produced a volcano has to use evidence from other sources.

Two days later, on January 11, was also recorded increased activity of the volcano Shiveluch. It is this volcano is causing the greatest concern of scientists. In its crater, a series of explosions, triggering avalanches of debris and melted snow. In addition, over the top of the Kamchatka volcano rose nearly 4-mile pole volcanic ash. This cloud can be a serious hazard to aircraft flying over the eastern coast of Kamchatka. Experts note that the eruption of Shiveluch are unpredictable and can be extremely dangerous for human settlements and Communications, located at the foot of the three-kilometer volcano.

Also became more active volcano Kluchevskoy. From its crater emitting ash to a height of 50 meters According to the regional emergency management office, on top of almost 5 kilometers of the volcano has been a continuous glow. Klyuchevskaya Sopka is the highest active volcano in Eurasia.

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