In Karatuzskoe District of Krasnoyarsk Territory set a new drying system for grains

Drying the S-30, an output not exceeding 135 kW and a capacity of 30 tons of grain per hour, is made at the Kirov Plant "Agropromtehnika." Equipment purchased the Karatuzskoe road repair and construction management, which since 2004 has been engaged in agricultural activities. In 2011, the farm grain yield totaled 50.7 c / ha.


"The biggest plus of the new unit in its compactness, — said the deputy director of Oleg Lihouzov. — Dryer is designed in such a way that when a mass of 48 tons and a height of 23 meters, it is located on a small platform. Design features of the complex makes it easy to maintain, and when the loading and unloading operations. "


Three experts of the manufacturer is now complete installation of the equipment. Then, within one and a half years, they will conduct maintenance drying complex.

Subsequently, in addition to the drying line will install complex pre-processing of grain, in which two cars primary treatment will screen out trash, chaff and straw.

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