In Karelia build small hydro

The company "Nord Hydro" has started the construction of a small hydropower plant in the village of Ruskeala Sortavalsky district. 

  • small hydropower plant "Lyaskelya" was the first power plant in Karelia, entered operation on the program, which is implemented in the Republic of ZAO "North Sea"

Small Hydropower "Ryumyakoski" will be built on the site of an old Finnish hydropower, which was destroyed during the war. The new facility will be installed hydroelectric Czech production capacity of 630 kW, and modern automation systems, including satellite and GSM-communication.

  • Ryumyakoski work in full swing

After the reconstruction of the station will operate in automatic mode. Permanent attendance is not required. Information from the automation system will be sent to the control room of JSC "Nord Hydro", located on the territory of a small hydropower plant "Lyaskelya", which is also based operational visiting team of specialists. 

Technical solutions that intend to apply the authors of the project, chosen based on Russian and foreign experience in power plant equipment operation under low temperature and weather. Complete construction of the station is planned for autumn 2013.

 — Now the republic — volatile region. 40% of the electricity we get from Murmansk and Leningrad regions. As for the investment is not only important transport infrastructure, but also energy. In the pre-war Soviet Karelia was a lot of small hydroelectric power plants. Now it is not. Our strategic aim is to make the region volatile and the construction of such plant — a real step in this direction — the head of Karelia Alexander Khudilainen.

JSC "Nord Hydro" is engaged in the rehabilitation of small hydro generation since 2007. The project is the reconstruction of small hydropower plants on the priority list for the North-West Federal District. In September last year, the company launched the HPP "Lyaskelya" Pitkjarantsky in the region of Karelia. The plans of JSC "Nord Hydro" — construction and reconstruction of five more small hydropower plants in the country.

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