In Karelia, completed the construction of the next stage of the Northern Energy Transit

Branch of OAO "UES FGC" — Trunk Power Grids (MEA) of the North-West — has completed construction of the third portion of the transmission line 330 kV Louhi — Putkinskaya GES — Ondskaya plant in the Republic of Karelia.

The work carried out within the framework of the second circuit of the Northern Transit, which will improve the reliability of communication Kola and Karelian power systems, ensuring delivery of capacity of the Kola nuclear power plant of up to 500 MW in the north-western regions of Russia.

The completed portion of the air-line "330 kV substation Louhi — distribution point (RP) 330 kV Putkinskaya" successfully passed the test of the operating voltage. The project was established 479 towers, installed about 170 km of wire and ground wire with built-in fiber-optic communication line. Due to the complex topography works were carried out depending on the weather. In wetlands track construction was carried out in winter, in summer — were built plank road. Because the overhead passes between two rivers — Ohta and Kem, to deliver special equipment was built ice crossing. 

Currently under construction at the present time, the fourth section of the line 330 kV "RP Putkinskaya 330 kV — 330 kV RP Onda" is already installed 392 foundations and 390 towers, installed about 108 km and 110 km of cable ground wire. Until the end of the building on the site to be established two supports to mount approximately 12 km of wire and ground wire with built-in fiber-optic communication line.

In addition, the distribution points and 330 kV Putkinskaya Ondskaya completed the construction of substation control (GTC), works on installation of equipment of outdoor switchgear (ORU) 330 kV.

Construction of the second circuit of the Northern Transit began in 2004. Since that time, introduced to the work of 330 kV transmission line Kola NPP — Knyazhegubskaya Knyazhegubskaya with substation and transmission line 330 kV Knyazhegubskaya — Louhi Louhi to the substation. To complete the construction of the second circuit of the North transit, scheduled for 2019, will build a 330 kV transmission line Ondskaya GES — Petrozavodsk. The total length of the lines of the Northern Transit will exceed 750 km.

North transit — one of the largest electric power projects in the country in recent years. 330 kV power line from the Kola nuclear power plant in the Murmansk region to Ondskaya plant in Karelia (the first chain of the Northern Transit) connects power facilities Kola and Karelian power systems. It provides electricity to large customers in the region such as Olenegorsky Mining, Kandalakshsky aluminum plant, Segezhsky pulp and paper mill, Murmansk Commercial Seaport, Kem sawmill and wood processing plant. Construction of the second circuit will significantly improve the reliability of electricity supply to consumers of the Murmansk region and Karelia with a population of more than 1.5 million people.

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