In Karelia, launched a new small hydro power Ryumyakoski

July 17 Sortavalsky region of Karelia commissioned small hydro power plant "Ryumyakoski."

  • The new plant in Ryumyakoski
  • The new plant in Ryumyakoski

Small hydro power plant "Ryumyakoski" was built in the 1930s of the last century on the territory of the Republic of Finland and intended to provide electricity to nearby communities. During the war, hydroelectric power was destroyed, the river’s flow Tohmajoki in range of the threshold "Ryumyakoski" again became uncontrollable. Construction of the station stood in the abandoned and dilapidated state until May 2012, while JSC "Nord Hydro" is not started the reconstruction of the object. Construction work conducted JSC "Karelstroimekhanizatsiya"

Hydroelectric "Ryumyakoski" — the second small hydropower plant, set up under the new regulatory framework, which is designed to stimulate the development of small power. Construction of power plant will go across the country. Small hydropower plants in Karelia will in this case the first sign.

Hydroelectric power plant will operate on the basis of renewable energy sources, which will annually save up to 550 tons of non-renewable fossil fuels. It will also provide year-round work of the station, through which it is guaranteed to be able to supply electricity to socially important facilities — hospitals, schools, water supply systems. Hydroelectric power plant will increase the reliability of electricity supply nearby towns and villages.

Hydromechanical equipment of the station is set to Swedish and Russian origin. The facility is equipped with advanced automation systems. And because the work station is fully automated, continuous attendance is not required. Information from the automation systems via communication channels will be transmitted in real time to the control room of JSC "Nord Hydro", located on the territory of the operating SHP "Liaskelia." There’s also based operational visiting team, which will be carried out as planned maintenance work on the equipment of hydroelectric power, and, if necessary, go on a signal of automation and control.

During the construction of hydroelectric power "Ryumyakoski" is considered the best national and international experience operating equipment of small hydropower plants in conditions of low temperatures and harsh weather conditions.

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