In Karelia opened a factory for the production of trout fry

The modern fish-farming complex CJSC "Kala-Ranta," built as part of the national project "The development of agro-industrial complex" and is designed to produce 4.5 million pieces of fry annually.

Today the project CJSC "Cala Ranta" — is the most modern technological project in Russia, which provides a highly efficient production of marketable fish.

For example, water for the swimming pool is fed from underground wells, which means that it is much cleaner than surface water. The closed cycle water saves energy and natural resources. A set of filters and multi-processing effectively purify water from mechanical, biological, bacteriological contamination.

All this is a guarantee that the fry grow up healthy, that is, will be planting material of the highest quality. Caviar for factory incubator until imported from the UK. The next stage of development of the economy — growing their own brood stock and receipt of caviar. It is planned to build its own plant for processing fish.

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