In Karelia, the wind farm will be built


An agreement was signed between the Government of Karelia and the company "WEC" on cooperation in the field of wind energy. Their agreement was signed by First Deputy Head of Karelia Yuri Kancher and General Director of "wind farm" George Ermolenko.

Under the agreement, the wind farm will be in the White Sea Kem and areas of construction and commissioning is scheduled for the period from 2014 to 2016. It is planned to build eight wind turbines — four in each area. The total investment will amount to about 14 billion rubles. The project installed capacity of one station is 24 MW.

The agreement provides for the construction of wind farms in the territory of Karelia, which will serve the development of the energy system and improve the environmental situation in the country.
Financing the construction of wind farms takes Ltd. "windfarm", the Government of the Republic will have the necessary administrative assistance. The Competent Authority for the implementation of the agreement is determined by the State Committee of the Republic of housing and communal services and energy.

After signing the agreement Ermolenko George said that the company "Wind Farm" in the market network wind power for 5 years and now completes the pilot projects in the Krasnodar region. Karelia will become the first region in the North-West Russia, in which the "wind farm" will also build a wind farm. Kem White Sea area and were not randomly selected experts: here are the high wind energy potential, advanced power and energy consumption growth prospects. In other territories, where he may also appear windmills are Pudozh region and the island of Valaam.

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