In Kazan, an exhibition of nano-


Technologies of the future should bring the country’s industry to a new level

November 30 was opened in Kazan III specialized exhibition "Nanotechnologies. Kazan-2011 " and XII International Conference "Nanotechnology in the industry" direction "Environmentally safe nanotechnology in the industry".

The organizers of the event are the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Republic of Tatarstan, Kazan City Hall, Academy of Sciences of Tatarstan, Kazan State Technical University im.Tupoleva, Exhibition Center "Kazan Fair". The event is held under the patronage of the President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov.



At the booth of Tatarstan was an information content of the innovation and scientific potential of the republic, nanotechnology center "idea", the priority projects of nanotechnology RT in construction, petrochemicals, medicine, engineering.



Visitors to the exhibition were able to see in the application possibilities of "nano". For example, two stand of the exhibition devoted to nanokosmetiki produced in St. Petersburg and Ufa. Everyone could feel the effect of the deep penetration of creams containing nanoparticles of silver and gold.

Men especially attracted booth demonstrating protective coatings for electricians from moisture, oxidation, and short circuit protection. Designed to handle the electrical system and the car’s ignition product can be used in the home. Thus, after the application of the substance electrical appliances no longer afraid of moisture. The formed water-repellent protective layer is able to conduct current between the wires but preventing it falling of the external environment. For clarity, the company boldly included under water connected to the power supply hair dryers. I must say that the socket and treated nanozaschitoy also be recessed into the water. However, no one in the audience to repeat the feat and would not, but at home this solution is able to prevent accidents.

Another booth application properties represented by samples of kitchen knives, garden tools and cleaning devices. Cutting parts of all of these items created using nanotechnology, which affected their practical qualities. For example, ceramic knives practically do not lose sharpness at least 5 years.

Well, the beautiful half of humanity attracted stands with underwear that can correct the defect in shape and improve your posture, and items of clothing from nanomeha and nanokozhi. The latter, by the way, are made at one of the Kazan small innovative enterprises established under the university. Fur normal animals exposed Nanomachining, changes its characteristics — is becoming more durable, malleable when working with it. Articles of such materials have a longer lifespan. A shoe made from nanokozhi, in the socks do not Acquires folds and wrinkles.


At the stand KNRTU


In total this year’s event was attended by over 90 companies from 10 regions of Russia, as well as the collective exposure of Orenburg and Yaroslavl regions, Chuvashia, representatives of the United States, Poland, Israel and Japan.

We list some of the exhibitors showing their products:

* Almetyevsky factory "Radio set" — Antenna-feeder system;
* Vladpoliteks (g Sudogda) — Recycling (production Flex), the production of polyethylene terephthalate fibers with the addition of carbon nanomaterials;
* Galen (Cheboksary) — basalt;
* Germanium and Applications (Moscow) — Creation of a complex high-tech production of germanium products for fiber-and nano-electronic equipment
* HPE "Orenburg State Medical Academy" — Phytosterol with immunotropic and organ-activity;
* Impex Trade (Moscow) — Ceramic knives on innovative technologies for use in the home;
* Company NanoDerm (Moscow) — Nanokosmetika based Nanocomplexes uronic acid-beta-cyclodextrin;
* Manel (Tomsk) — Technological lines for the application of multi-metallic coatings on the surface of the metal gate by a group of micro-arc oxidation process;
* Microbor Nanotech (Moscow) — High-processing tool;
* Stompolimer (Cheboksary) — Production of dental nanocomposite materials;
* Prototyping Center Chuvashia (Cheboksary) — Permanent magnets with elements of nanostructuring for use in miniature motors.

Also noted many times mentioned on Sdelanounas Liotech, Danaflex Nano, NT-MDT, OptoGaN, NPC Spring, Plakart, Uralplastic-H, Heuvel

A full list of participants is available on the site.


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