In Kazan, inaugurated one of the best race tracks in Europe

Sports Capital of Russia conquered new heights. From now on, Kazan can take auto and motorcycle racing world level.


Today unveiled circuit «KAZANRING». The track «KANYON-TATARSTAN» was built in a former sand quarry in the high mountains in the year 2008, and its reconstruction was completed in 2010. Her plan designed by the architect of the royal race tracks for "Formula 1" Hermann Tilke. The length of the new route — 3446 m, the longest line — 832 meters, her bikers were accelerating to 270 km / h, a vertical drop of — 30 m, making it unique in its kind. Roadbed itself is in a deep canyon, and the spectator seats are located along the top edge, which ensures good visibility.

Experts and racers in one goloc celebrate the quality and originality of the track. By all accounts, these racing facilities in Russia has not yet erected. "Today, we are writing history. I am delighted to welcome you to this wonderful racetrack truly world-class. I want to thank everyone, from the President of Tatarstan, the last working who gave us this great track. I am confident that this route will take a lot of different starts, but the first one will be remembered for a lifetime! "- Said vice-president of the Russian Motorcycle Federation Vladimir Ivanov.

That motorcyclists honor the first to try a brand new asphalt road in the Cup of Russia on the ring motorcycle races. The first revealed the strongest riders in the class «Superstock 600." Motorcyclists had to drive 15 laps. From the very first meters of distance confident leadership took Kirill Ivanov, going 1st overall in the Cup of Russia. The driver, who won the first two stages in the Michkova and Nizhny Novgorod, was preparing to climb to the top step of the podium and in Kazan, but on the last lap 15, when the output of the penultimate turn motorcycle Ivanov suddenly "got" — in the end, he was able to get around all pelaton. 1st saw the checkered flag Vladislav Miroshin, 2nd was Kazanets Lenar Mansurov, and the third to the finish line "flew" Maria Shlykova that thanks to this victory pulled into the lead of the overall standings.

Today is also the final race will be held at the riders in the classes: «Superstock 1000", "Super Bike" and "Super Sport", and tomorrow at the race track «KAZANRING» cars will come.

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