In Kazan officially earned the project payment from a mobile phone in public transportation

From today to pay a fare on public transport Kazan can be using a mobile phone. This project was implemented with the support of the City Hall and the Executive Committee of Kazan with major carriers "MTS", "Beeline", "Rostelecom", "megaphone" and of "Transport Card".

 On the characteristics and representatives of the order of payment service providers told reporters today during a briefing at the Executive Committee of Kazan.

As the General Director of "Transport Card" Ramil Yakupov for the successful launch of mobile payment in Kazan there are a number of conditions. This and the presence of a single route network, which monitors the work of the Committee on Transport Kazan, and the successful experience of electronic payments — today, 77 percent of trips on buses, subway, trolley buses and trams paid by transport cards. Privileged categories of passengers are also using electronic cards.

The service "Mobile Ticket" is available to owners of smartphones with hardware support for NFC, as well as regular phones, that require the special NFC-antenna. To connect to the service phones can operators need to buy a starter kit with a special SIM-card with support for NFC, carrying the vehicle application and the antenna. The cost of this kit, according to the speakers, is 10 rubles. If the user is already connected to the network operator and the phone supports, you can just replace the SIM-free card with a new supporting service "Mobile Ticket". In this case, the phone number will remain the same.

Connecting to the service is free, there is no monthly fee. With SIM-card activation service balance is automatically updated with the amount of 100 rubles from customer’s account against future payment of travel services. These funds are often written off if you pay each trip in accordance with the rates of carriers with the discounts provided to the customers. By reducing the amount reserved under 50 rubles balance "Mobile Ticket" is automatically updated to 100 rubles from the customer’s account. In this case, you can also leave the manual replenishment "ticket" and transfer funds as necessary.

After installing the SIM-card use "Mobile Ticket" in the phone will automatically be sent an SMS-message to the service connection. To activate the service, you need a reply, send SMS-message number 1. To reject activation to send "0" or leave your inquiry unanswered. The service will also be independently enable or disable a SIM-menu of your phone.

However, as assured speakers, the reading system with cash "Mobile Ticket" is safe enough — the range of less than 10 cm, and on public transport, with the exception of the metro, you can read the funds only once. This will protect you from unauthorized withdrawals of funds.

It is worth noting that at the moment is not in all the salons of mobile operators have the opportunity to acquire the necessary set — SIM-card and NFC-antenna. As reported IA "Tatar-Inform" in some reference services, the corresponding order is available, but the term revenues antennas in showrooms until


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