In Kazan will Interdisciplinary Centre for Analytical Microscopy


In the CFI is an active preparation of premises for MDTSAM, one of whose objectives — the development of industry and nano-materials.

(Kazan, June 7, "Tatar-inform"). In the Kazan Federal University Interdisciplinary Centre will be open analytical microscopy (MDTSAM).

The University is an active preparation of premises for MDTSAM, one of whose objectives — the development of industry and nano-materials, the press center of the university.

As the director of the center Yuri Osin, MDTSAM will cover advanced topics in the field of microscopy, will conduct research through physical action of electrons on the investigated object.

"We are talking about such methods as X-ray microprobe analysis screen, defraktsiya backscattered electrons, secondary electrons, cathode luminescence, electron defraktsiya, — He said. — Will present a powerful optical microscope, which will include a karfokalnuyu microscopy. It is also a scientific and educational center. Naturally, there is expected to conduct practices. Students will be frequent visitors center. I think that we will have remote access to practice. Equipment unique, and it serves only the engineer, and the students work with the measurements results and perform only certain tasks. To work on the equipment already prepared 3 specialist, they were trained abroad. "

According to Yuri Aspen, formerly existed at the University of separate, disparate directions. "Classical electron microscopy was presented at the Department of Invertebrate Biology Department. Scanning electron microscopy — based on the geological department. Equipment for optical microscopy CFI did not match any university status or international standards. Today, scientists are forced to travel to other cities and abroad for the opportunity to work on a special technique"- He complained.

Yuri Osin said that the lab is scheduled to open MDTSAM electron microscopy, scanning probe microscopy, optical spectroscopy and microscopy, X-ray methods of research. "But not all at once. Finally, the project will be completed by 2014. All in all it has a budget of 5 years. This year we will buy a powerful analytical scanning microscope «Merlin» and elements for microprobe analysis. And, of course, equipment for sample preparation. The next year is planned to powerful subatomic resolution transmission electron microscopy — 0.08 nm, a device that solves problems in the field of nanotechnology. The equipment is unique. Even this would cover 20-30 percent of the circulating. This year, like in Russia got only 2. Throughout the Volga region — we are one, "- He said.

Yuri Osin said that enterprises of the republic have already expressed interest in MDTSAM. "There is an agreement with the "KAMAZ", "Tasma", "Danaflex-nano". Foreign investors tend to require firms to solving analytical problems, and it rests on the work on the equipment. But the enterprises it or not, or it is out of date. And even if the company decides to purchase the necessary, keep it in the right circumstances, is likely to be impossible. It should be a clean room, climate control, no vibration, and work on it must specialist. By and large, it is expensive. Because firms more efficient to contact us", — He said.

Furthermore, "Nizhnekamskneftechim" in CFU created catalyst. The new equipment will help to track microinclusions palladium, iron, aluminum, and other elements within the product itself. Besides it will be possible to monitor the distribution of elements to control synthesis.

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