In Kemerovo digital school opened on 550 seats

School number 36, open today — the fourth school in the digital domain. It is designed for 550 students. In general, its construction and equipment sent to more than 431 million rubles.

The new school equipped laboratory for practical work in chemistry, physics, biology and other electronic devices, digital microscopes, two studies of computer science, two language laboratories for the study of foreign languages, library with Internet access.

All classrooms — interactive whiteboards with the possibility of a conference call with the other classes, schools and universities. Purchased three mobile computer labs. Teachers will be able to conduct classes with the use of computers in any subject, anywhere, even outdoors. Digital School also enables distance learning for children.


The medical unit has a special software with which only 15-20 minutes kids will be able to go through rapid screening, which replaces routine inspection of several doctors narrow profile.

In the dining room, and nutrition unit parents with children can choose meals for the week ahead, including online schools. The dining room has an internet cafe.

The new school equipped training fitter carpenter and sewing workshops, sports and fitness facilities, dance class. Next to the assembly hall is artistic and historic beauty. It will feature a variety of exposure.

On the territory of the stadium was built: there are volleyball, basketball, tennis, football field with artificial turf, obstacle. In sports include ski-storage unit and a shooting range with a pneumatic guns and crossbows.

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