In Kemerovo opened a new kindergarten

In the village of Peter the opening of a kindergarten combined type number 23. 

Construction of the building was carried out in the framework of the national project "Education" and the regional program "The development of critical infrastructure in the Kemerovo region, 2008-2012." The new kindergarten will run 3 groups with 70 seats for children aged 2.5 to 7 years and this will allow local people need the services of pre-school education.

Pre-school is equipped with everything necessary. Purchased new furniture, colorful toys and educational games. In the reception — cabins with heating, in groups first floor — warm electric floors, tile lined kvartsvinilovaya. 

In kindergarten equipped with a musical gym, set health complex. Modern technologies used in the food service: meals will be prepared in a combi oven. Also in the facility installed special equipment ensuring a high quality of drinking water. A provision sources of cold water for industrial purposes. 

To stay safe kids installed automatic fire alarm, CCTV, smoke, panic button, equipped with spare emergency exits. 
Recreation and sports grounds have netravmoopasnym gaming and sports equipment.

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