In Khabarovsk, actively introducing LED lighting

As part of the long-term target program "Energy saving and energy efficiency in the city of Khabarovsk in 2010-2015" in the regional center being actively implemented LED technology. This was reported in the press service of the Administration of the city of Khabarovsk.

Today on the streets of Gerasimova, Passenger, apple, Nagishkina, Cooper, on the Amur River Boulevard, the lane Arsenyev, in quarters on the streets Artyomovskaya, Voroshilov and Malinowski now "Gorsvet" is set 475 LED lamps. According to the calculations, it will reduce the amount of consumed electric energy of 2.3 times.

On the road municipal advertising structures replaced more than 1300 fluorescent lamps to LED, which will annually save thousands of 31.2 kW of electric power. As an experiment, completely replaced by external and internal lighting carpool administration of the city — set 255 LEDs. Currently being monitored their application.

Replacement of lighting systems in a standard workshop production facility to LED lighting payback in less than three years.

It is proved that the energy efficiency of LED lamp is 2 times higher than that of fluorescent and 8-10 times — light bulbs. LED life reaches 50 thousand hours, and it is 50 times more than incandescent bulbs. Another advantage of LED light sources — their environmental friendliness and ease of recycling, as they do not contain mercury, lead and other harmful substances.

Price of LED lamps is higher, but they provide a cost savings in electricity and maintenance costs. Today in Khabarovsk LEDs used for lighting of buildings, streets and advertising structures, fountains, industrial and office space. LED street lighting to reduce costs not only for electricity but also reduce the number of services and fixtures lamp replacements.


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