In Khabarovsk, opened a sports and cultural complex Arsenalets

In Khabarovsk, on the eve of the athlete has opened a sports and cultural complex "Arsenalets." It is housed in the former Palace of Culture "Daldiesel."

Reconstruction of the former recreation center began two years ago. On the restoration and alteration of the building from the city treasury was allocated 300 million rubles.

The works on the replacement of roofing, cladding and insulation of the facade, the device of modern heating systems, air conditioning, ventilation, lighting, landscaping of the adjacent territory to the device box with a plastic hockey artificial turf and a separate dressing room with showers and toilets.

The total area of cultural and sports complex — more than 3700 sq.m. It housed purpose sports hall with stands for spectators, two auxiliary hall boxing gym and fitness facilities, conference hall for 320 persons with modern sound and lighting equipment. A place of honor is also given to the museum of sports Khabarovsk.


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