In Khakassia opened a new school


September 1, its doors to students of the village Trinity Bogradsky district opened a new school. Under one roof, the school is located at 160 seats and a children‘s day care center with 40 seats. And if the construction of the garden is still ongoing (left to complete the finishing work, pass the kindergarten is scheduled for November), the village of Trinity students their first day of school had a brand new school.


Today went to school 80 pupils — this young inhabitants of the Trinity, as well as the nearby villages — Abakan transported and Polindeyki. A few years later sit at desks around 120 children — in the village there is a significant increase in children.

That’s the grand opening attended not only by students and their parents, but almost all the residents of the Trinity. Here come even pregnant women and moms with young children in their arms. So much the villagers were waiting for a new school, because the little people of the Trinity had to travel every day to study at Bogradsky school.

It is worth recalling that the school in the village laid in 2007. But because of the economic crisis and the underfunding of the construction was stopped. Work resumed and completed in the current year. For these purposes, on the initiative of the party "United Russia", which is upheld by the Supreme Council of the Republic of Khakassia, in 2011, of the national budget was allocated 93 million rubles.

After the official line on which the Trinity school bell rang for the first time, the head of the region visited classrooms. He especially liked the computer lab, where students will be able to comprehend the basics of computer science, and a library. As a gift to the Day of Knowledge builders gave the school library 35 e-books.


"There are books we have never seen, we have yet to master them — shared their joy school librarian Tatiana Maurice. — In poketbuk (a device for reading e-books in various formats), you can upload from the internet a lot of books on the curriculum and just for the memories. And for the little book can tell the text aloud. "

Now Trinity School — one of the most modern schools of Khakassia! Spacious rooms, a dining room, gym, multi-purpose hall for sports and music, modern catering department, medical office! Special pride — the computer lab, which is characterized by an unusual, two-tier, architecture. There are 16 computer tables with laptops.

For first graders, in accordance with the requirements of the new educational standards, prepared not only educational, but also the game environment. This is a special room filled with toys, special soft game equipment, several pools dry … filling the room — a gift to the Head of the Republic Trinity first-graders. The cost of a set — about 200 thousand rubles.


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