In Kharkov, came up with an alternative to gas boilers

In Kharkiv National University im.Karazina developed vacuum steam heating system. According to the scientists, the test system have been conducted on the information available to the developers of the laboratory setting. For production devices requires investment of 500 thousand UAH. The system is good because it eliminates the central and individual heating gas and switch to electricity from conventional network of 220 V.


As noted in the university system is in offline mode. At its base — the vacuum steam boiler, from which the pipe system for heat convectors and distributed premises. "Thus, it is possible a complete replacement of the classic steam heating. Not required natural gas, there is no loss of coolant delivery over long distances. Pipes do not need a large amount. This leads to substantial savings, which is between 50% and above. After the start of production systems they can begin to establish a home "- the researchers said.

According to the KNU, vacuum steam apartment will consume electricity as a normal fridge or TV. So this device in some cases can be installed in place of gas boilers, even without changing the wiring. In addition, the installation does not need a project that is usually required for a gas boiler.

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