In Kholmsk (Sakhalin region). Ufa and opened up new nurseries

The new preschool put into operation in Kholmsk Sakhalin region. This is the first children’s garden, which was built in the port city in 30 years. In the spring it will be able to visit 240 children. In kindergarten, all the conditions not only mental, but also physical development of children. Gymnasium is equipped with a gym, a swimming pool and a music

Dec. 27 in Ufa opened a new kindergarten number 69 to 220 people. Entering a new pre-school educational institutions will reduce the order to kindergarten in a densely populated neighborhood of Ufa — "Sipaylovo." 

The modern three-storey building is designed for groups of 12 — 220 pupils aged from 2 to 7 years. On the ground floor of a kindergarten operating an excellent swimming pool.

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