In Kizlyar completed construction of a residential complex for young teachers


 An ensemble involves at the same site 12 modern houses, a place to stay for adults and children. At what stage of construction today, recognized experts from the Ministry of Housing — Public Utilities.

 12 modern chetyrehetazhek erected on the outskirts of the village Averyanovka. The place chosen by chance. It crosses several villages. Almost next door town of Kizlyar. Also, from here you can get to the municipalities Southern, Kordonovka, Nina, and more Rabalko-Zadoevka. The housing complex is in progress, are finishing work.

 The largest contingent of experts vulnerable in the Kizlyar district — teachers. Of the more than 1,000 teachers — 374 youth under 35 years of age. Because of the meager salaries of high staff turnover. To retain beginning teachers, the administration of the municipality has a chance to purchase houses in this complex for government social program "Mortgage young teachers." Look at what stage of the construction of 28 apartment buildings came and future residents themselves. Ahmed biologist by profession, teaching in high school Kosyakinskoy sixth year. His family has two children, but not their own homes. He says that I have to live with their parents. I am glad that there was at least some — that the opportunity to correct the situation. The project after completion will be fabulous. It provided all the necessary infrastructure, install metering devices, organize recreational facilities for adults and children. In addition, there are new ideas. The estimated cost of this housing complex is about 600 million rubles. It is planned to fully complete the project in May of next year. The next set will be built for residents already Khasavyurt district.

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