In Kolomna near Moscow modernized large enterprise — Shchurovsky cement plant

At the launch ceremony of the plant "Shchurovsky cement" came personally Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and his Swiss counterpart Micheline Calmy-Rey. Came by chance: the enterprise group Holcim — a model example for Economic Cooperation and one of the best examples of modernization. The Summit on the land of ancient Kolomna, which is 830 years old, but here’s a reason modern than you can imagine: Dmitry Medvedev and Micheline Calmy-Rey arrived to launch a joint Russian-Swiss cement plant. It was built on the spot "Shurovski cement", which supplied half of the USSR. Here was erected on cement tube and even the Ostankino TV tower. Now it will be many times more, and he — where better.

"At the time of manufacture, of course, meets all modern requirements, — the president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev. — It is very important for our country. Given the fact that in recent years we have started to modernize our economy, we need a large quantity of cement, we to make investments in our infrastructure. And such companies, of course, are the flagship cement industry and to contribute to the development of the Russian economy. "

The plant, which 140 years old, was rebuilt in just three years. Instead of the two furnaces of the old Soviet one set. But what is 56 meters in length. It is the largest and most modern oven in Europe. Builders put in front of him and another goal: to make the Kolomna the cleanest in the world production of cement. And now proud to say that they got it.

Presidents went to the control over the process. Dispatchers ran the furnace. On the monitors in a few minutes off the assembly line went not only the usual gray, but white cement. This will be done in Russia only here. It is more resistant to climate change.

The project is strategic, Dmitry Medvedev said at a meeting with Micheline Calmy-Rey twosome. Swiss investors have invested nearly 500 million euros. And plan to continue adding colleague.

"We all walked a little — not even a feeling that the cement around," — noted by Dmitry Medvedev.

"We have always stressed: it is very important not to offend our planet’s climate, and that modernization will help us achieve this" — sure Micheline Kami-Rey.

The document is signed by the ministers on the future of the two economies. Declaration on Cooperation to upgrade to 3 years in advance — as here at once began to joke — "cemented". By the way, the cement itself can only be seen at the warehouse. Everything before that is hermetically sealed. Here it is explained, and there are new technologies. Neither in the air nor in the way, but only in bags — on the way to the store or on the construction site.

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