In Kolomna opened a new chess club named after Anatoly Karpov

On November 25, the grand opening of Kolomna chess club named after Anatoly Karpov. Located in the heart of the city, on the Avenue of Kirov, a lovely club, built with the support of the Moscow Regional Public Charity Foundation "Olympic Reserves", meets all modern requirements.


The club is equipped with multimedia equipment, a server, computer training, which will help the club to pupils to master the technique of playing. Equipped with two cozy well-appointed rooms, one of which is a spacious game room, where all the conditions for the competition. It is possible to broadcast live games of club tournaments online. One-time bandwidth of the club is 80 people.


The ceremony took place in a warm, sincere atmosphere. Crowded room warmly welcomed the participants and fans of chess tseremonii.Deti not only autographs from their idol, but also shared with him their successes, were photographed. The man is a legend not refuse anyone. This year, Anatoly celebrated its 60th anniversary. Karpov, head of the city congratulated on his birthday and presented him with a picture of the Kolomna artist Andrew Meschanova. Veterans of chess with the greeting made coach Alex Yezhov. He presented the club with his own embroidered picture "Chess". After the ceremony, the international master Jaroslav Prizant, the champion of the Moscow region in 2011, gave a simultaneous blindfold (ie, not looking at the board) the ten best young chess players of Kolomna. Boys were able to take one and a half points out of ten: twelve pervorazryadnik Dima Maksimets celebrated the victory, and Mike Souza won honorable draw. In conclusion, a festive blitz tournament for everyone, which won the coach of the club, FIDE Master Sergey Warriors.

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