In Kolyma from the beginning of the year produced about 17.7 tonnes of gold

From the beginning, in the Magadan region produced 17,653 tons of gold and 644.21 tons of silver. These data for the first 9 months now leads the Department of Natural Resources of the Administration of Magadan Oblast. Values exceed the level of gold production in the same period last year: gold — to 2 thousand 404 kg of silver — to 117.58 tons.

  • Magadan gang "May"
  • Magadan gang "May"

As explained by the head of the department, Vladimir Mit’kin, growth was achieved by increasing the volume of washing gold-bearing sands of the alluvial deposits. He also said that "significantly increased the production of mining enterprises Yagodinskaya, Susumansk, Srednekansky and Khasynsky areas. A leader in the production of gold ore is the North-Even District / 3,390 kg /".

Contributes to the successful operation of miners and favorable market conditions, the cost of a gram of gold in the market exceeded 1 thousand 700 rubles.

The leading area for the extraction of silver in the region is traditionally a Omsukchan. Most of the metal produced at the company’s "Magadan Silver."

A total of 2012 miners Magadan plan to produce 19.2 tons of gold and 785 tons of silver, the press service of the regional administration.

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