In Komi, started the world’s northernmost refinery

August 15, 2011

The complex is on the preparation and processing of oil and gas output of 1 million tons per year of "Yenisei" in Usinsk designed for processing of oil and gas, Petroleum products that meet European standards.

His goal — to refining the West Synatysskogo and a number of other northern oilfields. The main task — providing consumers with the Republic of Komi and other regions of Russia oil of high quality, meeting the requirements of Russian and European standards. At the same time reduce the cost of transportation of oil by pipeline and shipping of oil products directly to consumers.

The total cost of the project — 9181 mln., Created 334 jobs. The project will provide annual tax revenues to the budgets of all levels of about 515 million rubles.

Head of the Republic of Komi Vyacheslav Gaiser took part in the inauguration of a new refinery of "Yenisei" in Usinsk.
"This is an implementation of the plans for the further development of the economy of the country, which we have formulated for themselves and secured in the Strategy of Development of the Republic of Komi to 2020 related to the development of processing enterprises, diversification of the economy, so that such a thing as" Komi — raw region "took in the past ", — said V. Gaiser at the opening of the complex.

The head of the republic inspected the production capacity of the company and noted that "the Company" Yenisei "during the celebration of the anniversary of the Republic of Komi has finished the first phase of the project, an example to many industrial structures of the republic which is the way in which direction to move."

Phase 2 of the project: enter the second phase of the complex (2012-2013)., Complex retrofit installation hydrodeparaffinization and diesel hydrotreater, hydrogen production equipment.

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