In Kondopoga put into operation a new thermal power plant


July 29, 2011. Thermal Power JSC "Kondopoga" 45 MW, operating on gas and is fully automated. Operators working on the set here one of the most modern software and hardware systems, are constantly monitoring the load and performance of boilers.


The project cost more than three billion rubles was not always easy. TES Construction was started in 2007, but then because of the global economic crisis has been frozen for a year, and in 2010 there was an opportunity to continue the job. Funds for this managed to get through the cooperation with the Government of Karelia and JSC "Bank VTB North-West".

With the commissioning of new power plants, said Vladimir Bibilov, the entity an opportunity to buy less electricity on the wholesale market. This, in turn, will significantly reduce the cost of production. The savings from the new thermal power plant will be 500 million rubles annually.

In addition, new technologies have enabled the company to stop using coal. The old boiler plant, who worked on this fuel was not different environmental cleanliness. Now combine several times to reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

Commissioning of the power plant will allow the company not only to improve its own energy security, but also to fully provide the city heat.

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