In Korkinskom District of Chelyabinsk Region has opened a new concrete plant

July 22. In Korkinskom district opened a concrete factory. The new production has the potential to become a technology park construction. The company has settled over large areas of the former Ural zone storage base.

Concrete plant was built in just two months. Investment in the project amounted to approximately EUR 2 million. Now is a great need in the concrete is at large industrial enterprises in the region, South Urals power engineering and road construction companies. For example, currently planned to reconstruct the road around Chelyabinsk. And the concrete plant is ready to provide local DRSU necessary building materials.

Video:…ty/2011/07/22/korkinskom/ Vladimir Shukaev, Deputy. Chapter Korkinskie area: — The plant is interesting because it is in close proximity of the components of the concrete. The plant capacity currently stands at up to 60 m3 per hour. This is a few tens of jobs for our area. Going forward, the plant will develop a logistics center for the movement of construction materials. At the opening of the plant came vice-governor of the Chelyabinsk region Alexei Ovakimyan: — Good plant, modern, with a large production capacity. God forbid, that was the same market. Forecasts are favorable, — the vice-governor. — But I’m more worried about not even opening it as the ability to create here the construction of industrial park. The area is comfortable, excellent geographical location — near Trinity tract, the major cities of the Southern Urals. And if we collect is innovative enterprises producing construction materials — would have made a great industrial park. The customer would receive the full range of goods and services in one place.

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