In Korshunov career produced the biggest in 10 years explosion

In Nizhneilimsk area Korshunov career, which is a part of "Korshunov GOK", produced by the explosion, similar to that carried out on the scale of last more than 10 years ago. As the press service of the mill, standard explosions are usually made in a career of not more than 200 thousand cubic meters. But, thanks to the participation in the preparation of high-performance excavator and well-coordinated work of the three drilling rigs, managed to get the advanced drilling unit on the horizon of 150 meters. Its dimensions were 740 feet long and 40 wide. For the production of 315 tons required explosion of explosives. The volume of blasted rock was 440 thousand cubic meters.

The explosion took place in accordance with the production in 2012, including the continuation of the overspeed of the southern edge of the pit, which began last year. Performance of these works for nearly two years has led to an increase in work sites excavators and drilling rigs for the Southern board Korshunovskogo karera.Massovomu explosion was preceded by a thorough preparatory work. Conducting mass explosion possible to ensure scope of work for the high-performance equipment for six weeks — said the Managing Director of "Korshunov GOK" Boris Sedelnikov. — But the most important thing — after working two horizons at the southern edge of the pit open access to large ore reserves, which will successfully cope with the plan for the extraction of ore and to ensure that the production program for the production of iron ore concentrate. "

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