In Kostroma, opened a new museum of jewelry

The museum reveals a rich and wonderful history of development and prosperity of the Kostroma jewelry trade.
In the museum you can see the original product XVII-XX centuries, hand and machine tool artisans, craftsmen copies of photos, merchants, and Kostroma Prasolov abroad XIX-XX centuries.

Are products of Krasnoselskaia scan (filigree), the fame of which resounded around the world. You can also see student work KUHOMa graduates, the demand for which has long gone beyond the Kostroma region, and even Russia.
Also available to all guests enchanting jewelry shopping — sales of modern jewelry jewelry store amethyst. Jewellery made of silver, gold, platinum, diamond and Kostroma world’s leading jewelery brands will leave no one indifferent.

Visit the museum proves right Kostroma called "jewelry capital of Russia" and makes the tour of the city vibrant and memorable.

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