In Krasnaya Polyana finalized ski and biathlon complex

The new Olympic facility is located at elevation 1450-1600 meters and is designed for 9,600 spectators. The complex is one of the largest in the world and meets the highest international standards.

Biathlon shooting range includes the target of 30 professional plants equipped with an automatic electronic system. It is designed for rapid calculation of hits and misses on a certain circle, as well as the time spent on each shot.

For security fenced area for shooting impenetrable walls that prevent departure of bullets outside the fire zone. Tyr is the construction of semi-closed, without the ceiling. This solution allows skiers shooting fire in favorable conditions for them to natural light. Creating a level playing field for athletes, built a shooting range, taking into account prevailing winds Area fenced area for shooting the slopes, so target are protected from the wind, which can make adjustments to athletic performance.

February 8 in Krasnaya Polyana on the ridge Psekhako was the official start of the first competition in the ski and biathlon complex "Laura" — the Cup of Russia 2012 Biathlon.

In walking distance from the complex is a gated development for athletes. The houses are built on the banks of an artificial lake, the water of which is during the competition will be used to create artificial snow.

Biathlon stadium with stands for spectators, the shooting range and leading to the stadium tracks are permanent structures. It is planned that after the 2014 Games here will house multi-season sports complex that includes a sports hotel, a sports school, a rehabilitation center, cafes and restaurants. It is assumed that the complex will be the main training base for the Russian national biathlon and cross country skiing in the Russian midlands.

Executive in charge of the project — OAO "Gazprom".

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