In Krasnodar, opened Simulation and Training Medical Center

Here, doctors and spend all incidents that may occur in their practice on robots. Doctors are saving unusual mannequins from heart attacks, strokes and even complications during childbirth. About how to operate the new medical center, says the correspondent of "Vesti FM" in Jaroslav Lukashev.


In this hospital, equipped with the latest medical technology, only five patients. But the doctors here have to work much harder than usual. Each of the patients only a few minutes in a state that does not require from the medical emergency response, after which the diagnostic equipment again begins to signal a critical condition. This is exactly how simulation and Training Medical Center, which opened in Krasnodar. Residents and interns repeatedly find themselves in a situation where the salvation of human life is a matter of seconds. "To pull out from the world" have special robots, or the actions of practicing doctors are closely monitoring mentors, including the anesthesiologist Sergei Grigoriev. "Now we can see the changes on the ECG — disappears blood pressure, breathing changes. Plus changes to the very nature of a mannequin breathing, cyanosis appears."


Heart attacks, strokes, respiratory failure, and many other critical medical conditions of patients to overcome three of the five robot-mannequins. The other two are involved in a separate program — complications during delivery and the problems of the first days of life the baby. Robot woman in childbirth doctors jokingly call her mother-heroine — a day she has to give birth to between 7 and 10 "kids." Every time births are serious problems that interns and residents decide under supervision, assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology of the Kuban State Medical University Vladislava Novikova. "Only in this simulation center can put a pause to parse with the doctors what happened and what to do, and work to automatism those activities in the nursing center should be carried out with lightning speed." Experienced doctors are not only helping his fellow cadets. Each of the patients robots equipped with remote monitoring — and mentor at any time to add, say, difficult childbirth, stroke. All handled and studying in the heart of the doctors perform using the most modern equipment, which are equipped with Russian hospital. These machines and tools are very effective, but also extremely difficult to use. And one of the main challenges of simulation-training center: to teach physicians to work, fully utilizing the potential of new technologies, said PhD, Alexander Komarov. "This is a very complex medical equipment is very expensive. It has some great features. And in order to master it, you need to know it."


While the "cadets" which opened in the center of Krasnodar, becoming only the residents and interns, but in the near future to rescue and treat the robot and the patient will be medical students who studied up to the rank of staff physician will be able to conquer new peaks have medical skill.

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