In Krasnoyarsk, has opened a new gym in wrestling

In 1984, at the initiative of the head coach-teacher "sports school wrestling" Alexander Bakhova, as well as parents and students in the Sverdlovsk region was established sports club wrestling "Olympian." Club located in the basement of the apartment building, which did not meet the requirements of regulatory authorities, as a result of the 2010 training hall was closed. And now, the boys of the Sverdlovsk region will have its own modern gym. 

"In the" Olympian "deal guys from all over the district, and it Predmostnaya and villages Vodniki, Torgashino, Bazaikha for training come from as Cheremushek. Over the years the club cooperates with the orphanage "Gems". So the appearance of a new, long-awaited sports center will become a gift to young residents of the area to its 35th anniversary and Children’s Day ", — said the head of administration of the Sverdlovsk region, Igor Titenkov.

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